A Cure For Bed Head.

In certain parts of the world, people shower at night. They don't want to go to bed dirty which keeps their bed sheets cleaner for longer. In North America, a lot of people shower when they get up in the morning to wake themselves up.
As your life gets more hectic while raising a family or rushing to get to class in the morning it sometimes makes more sense to shower in the evening. In some households there is one bathroom shared between family members which makes it difficult for everyone to shower in the morning with school and work deadlines. If you have a young family it may be easier to shower in the evening when someone is available to watch the baby for you. It is all a matter of people's personal preference and daily schedules.
I find water relaxing so I will take either a bath or shower to help my body relax from a stressful day. If I get my hair wet I have to make sure that it dries completely before my head hits the pillow or I wake up with "bed head". Do you suffer from bed head too? One look in the mirror and I think that I am auditioning for a Friday the 13th movie role.
Bad-Hair-DayThe definition of bed head is a casual hairstyle resulting from failure to comb or arrange the hair after sleep. I am sure that we have all suffered from bed head from time to time. I read that certain types of fabrics, sleep positioning and temperatures can also contribute to waking up with bed head.
During hot humid days my hair will become all frizzy and unmanageable. I have spoken to other women who say that they have the same problem. This too could make me a candidate for a Friday the 13th movie role. It usually requires re-styling throughout the day to make me feel better and look human. My hair will become frizzy if I work around hot water too long too. Frizzy-HairThe other day my husband was watching an episode of the American reality tv show Shark Tank where enterpreneurs pitch the sharks on their business. We like watching the show to see which products the sharks invest in. In this particular episode, Max Valverde, came out of the double doors. His hair was tousled which surprised the sharks. He said that he was the creator of Morninghead. He showed the sharks his product which was a shower cap. Max talked about liking to be active and work-out after a day at work. He would come home, shower and then go to bed. The next morning he would wake up with  "bed head". He would proceed to the sink to wet his hair and restyle it. He said he could never get the hair on the back of this head wet and there was always water everywhere. This lead to the creation of his product Morninghead.
Here is a demonstration of how Morninghead works.
Morninghead-InstructionsMorninghead is a time and water saver for people on the go. You just have to wring the cap and then turn the cap inside out to let it dry until the next use. It is hand or machine washable on the delicate cycle and lasts three months if used every day or six months if used lesss frequently.
You can wet your hair with a towel or facecloth but your hands and arms tend to get wet too. Morninghead holds six times its weight in water without dripping which makes it convenient to use even when you are fully dressed.
You can wet your hair with a spray bottle like they do in hair salons but it only wets the surface of your hair which makes it less effective. When my hair is sprayed at the salon the water drips down the back of my neck and onto my face. If I am wearing makeup the mascara may start to run down my cheeks if it is not waterproof.
Putting your head under the faucet at the sink leaves lots of water around the sink and often times onto the mirror. This just creates more work to clean up the mess after you are done and if you are in a hurry 9 times out of 10 the water stays on the counter until it air dries and leaves spots on your bathroom mirror.
The product is most effective if you hair is less than shoulder length. Women use the product if they have a bob or shorter hair style. Some women with longer hair have used it but say it takes a couple of applications to get the hair wet.
This would make a great gag gift for Christmas or someone's birthday.n One customer bought it for his brother as a birthday gift. He woke up late to work one morning and used it to cure his bed head. He was very impressed with the product. He had to purchase another one for his brother.
For US customers place your order HERE for morninghead.
For Canadian customer place your order HERE for morninghead.
For International customers please send an email to robertandbethanyjobb@gmail.com and put the words morninghead in the subject line.
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