Life Is Full Of Little Dissappointments

On Saturday mornings I take my daughter to work and carry on to visit a friend for a couple of hours while she is at work. We stop at a famous donut shop in Canada called Tim Horton's. We Canadians have shortened the name to Timmies. It was started by a hockey player named Tim Horton in 1964 with the first store opening in Hamilton, Ontario.
Tim Hortons LogoThis morning, I ordered an extra large steeped tea with two cream as this is my hot drink of choice. I have never been a coffee drinker but do enjoy their steeped tea. I also ordered a honey cruller donut and a chocolate chip muffin for my daughter. When we got to our vehicle I was contemplating where to get my long-time friend some breakfast. She had called me last night asking if I would bring her something. The donut shop has breakfast sandwiches similar to McDonald's egg Mcmuffin. My friend wanted more of a typical style breakfast so I decided against what was available at Tim's. I sat in the car and the lot beside us had McDonald's. I knew that they had what they call The Big Breakfast so I decided that I would get that for my friend. I could tell that my daughter didn't want to be late for her job which starts at 9:00 a.m. so I decided to drive on and find one closer to my friends house. There is always a McDonald's on main intersections.
McDonalds LogoI got to a stop sign and decided to start eating my donut as I was feeling a little hungry. To my surprise it was a honey glazed donut in the bag instead of honey cruller. I was dissappointed as my taste buds were looking forward to the cruller. Both of these donuts have a glaze on them so why my dissappoinment? The cruller is a different texture which is why I prefer it to the honey glazed. I was annoyed at the mistake made by the staff but of course I wasn't about to go back and get what I had ordered as my daughter had to be at work by 9:00 a.m.
I dropped my daughter outside of her workplace and carried on to my friend's house all the while trying to think of the nearest McDonald's to her home. Two came to my mind so I turned at the lights to the one closest to her house. I went in and ordered her breakfast. The staff said that the hash brown had 45 more seconds before it was ready. I stood there waiting patiently while he served another customer. He brought out the breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage and an english muffin. It was in a styrofoam container with a nice lid on it. I had asked for extra strawberry jam which he had kindly put on top. I headed out the door. I got into my vehicle and started driving towards my friends house. I suddenly realized that I had not gotten the hash brown. This was the second time that morning that something had not gone as planned. I decided that it was not worth turning around and going back for a hash brown. I hoped that maybe the staff would eat it but I don't know the store policy. It is probably not allowed.
I decided on my drive to my friend's house that I wasn't going to let these minor inconveniences ruin my day even though each time I realized something hadn't gone as planned I was left with a feeling of irritation. My friend was really appreciative that I took the time to bring her some breakfast. She has a lot of health challenges so doesn't enjoy eating food all that much at times. She was enjoying my breakfast which made me feel good. It always does feel good to do something for someone else.
The events of the morning made me ponder how often in the past I have let minor inconveniences ruin my day. I have written about my daily life in previous blog posts but for those of you who are reading this blog post for the first time my husband suffers from Parkinson's disease. It is a daily battle not knowing from moment to moment how mobile he will be. He is in his fifteenth year with the disease and this year we have seen his health decline the most. He suffers from joint discomfort and the toes in his feet tend to curl inward which makes walking difficult. He moves around with the aid of a walker 99% of the time. He does venture out without it but it is generally not a good idea as he could get stuck somewhere in his travels as his body will stiffen up like a board. We try to stay within hearing distance so he can call for our help if needed. He keeps a bell near him and will ring us if he needs help or it is time to take his medication.
Caring for his needs has become a family project between myself and my twin daughters. I feel that we do a pretty good job and he acknowledges that he is fortunate enough to have us there for him. His illness has helped me see what is most important in life and to work on focussing on the important things in life and not get caught up in the minor inconveniences. When you see knew him when hecould flip a pizza into the air at his workplace to know not being able to manipulate cutlery it can be very upsetting. He becomes frustrated with the change in his physcial abilities but takes it day to day. I am lucky that he still looks for opportunities to raise the family's lifestyle as he is no longer able to work outside of the house. TogetherWeMakeAFamilyEvery day is a blessing because we don't know how much longer we have with each other. I realize that it is like that for any family but when you see a physical decline in someone that you love it is difficult. Going on outings has to be planned and sometimes postponed if his body is being unco-operative that particular day or moment in the day. We had an appointment at the bank and twice had to cancel because we couldn't get his shoes on to get into the car. We were wanting to have me added onto his bank account because for many years I have been doing his banking but have not been an official account holder. It was recommended by our life insurance agent that we do this as it is difficult to get things taken care of if something were to happen and we have bills that are paid out of his account. If someone does die, the account is frozen unless it is joint.
I have made some very bad financial decisions but I did take his advice so that we are ready for any more changes that might take place. Are you ready for changes in your life? Change is inevitable and as we age it becomes important to be prepared. My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's at the age of 43 which is young but our daughter who is 25 is showing signs that she too may have Parkinson's.
Enjoy the time that you have as a family as life may throw you some curve balls. Snapshot_20121127_7 (2)Robert and Bethany Jobb Our Motto: "The Best Is Yet To Come!" MTTBbannerad-300x250-blink team-wukarjpgA group of people bringing the Ecommerce Revolution to consumers worldwide.

Light and Dark – Positive and Negative

There were three supermoons this summer. The first one was July 12th, the second one was August 10th and the third was September 9th. A supermoon occurs about every 13 months and 18 days. A supermoon is 30% brighter than a full moon but clouds and haze can make it difficult to see the difference. These moons are closer to the earth's orbit which makes them appear bigger. 220px-SupermoonIt is believed that the moon governs moisture levels. There is more moisture two days prior to a full moon and less two days after the full moon. Many people follow the cycle of the moon when they do their planting. Research by Dr. Frank Brown of Northwestern University found that root vegetables like potatoes and carrots absorb a little more oxygen during a new moon because of a tiny change in the barometric pressure. When seeds are planted they struggle through the dirt/darkness and grow upwards toward the light. Vegetable seeds do this as well as flowers and trees. Even human beings are created in the darkness of a woman's womb and after nine months are born into the light. Animals are affected by the moon too. Predatory animals attack their prey more during a week after a full moon. They have less success catching their prey duurng the full moon as it is brighter and more success after the full moon as it is darker. Bats are less active during a full moon which means they are not available for other animals to catch them for food. The doodlebug digs a hole to catch its prey. The holes are larger during a full moon and smaller during a new moon period. Even in  a laboratory setting these insects followed the lunar cycle. In the great barrier reef, the coral are more active during moonlight. Hundreds of coral spawn once a year releasing eggs and sperm into the water a few nights after a full moon. Local weather determines when they will spawn but it is the cycle of the moon that determines the exact night. Oysters feed at high tide when food washes in. Insect loving birds are more active during moonlight hours.They use their eyesight to catch their prey and can see better when the moon is full. Owls make more breeding calls during full moon possibly because their white throats can be seen at a greater distance by a potential mate. They increase hunting for food during new moon because there is more light for them to see their prey. Some animals reduce or increase their body temperature depending upon moonlight levels. They search for food less during full moon nights. For some animals the moonlight hours are like a flashlight. Some primate animals become more active during the daylight hours during the new moon phase. Charles Darwin believed that humans are more fearful during the night based on centuries ago they were preyed upon by animals. This instinct has stayed with humans even as they have become more civilized. Our ancestors learned that they were safer during full and new moon phases. Many people keep a night light on in their bedroom. We have one in our bedroom so that if we get up in the middle of the night we don't bump into the furniture that is not easily visible in the dark. It provides a sense of security so we feel safe. I find a lot of times my anxiety is heightened during the night hours. The world around me comes to a standstill but my mind can be racing with fears surrounding finances, relationships and future endeavours. I often get the words in my head it is darkest before the dawn. Another message is it will look different in the morning. With urbanization comes street lights that come on after dusk. This means that there is always light in these areas. Animals and humans that live in these areas will have the affects of full moon all of the time. The term light pollution is used. It is yet to be determined how this constant artificial light will affect the ecological system. I remember when I lived on a farm growing up. We would go visit my grandparents who lived in a town. There were street lights outside of their home. I remember wondering how people feel asleep with the lights shining inside the bedroom. I was used to the pitch black of the country. Singer Janet Jackson says that in complete darkness we are all the same. It doesn't matter the colour of your skin as it not visible. It is wisdom and knowledge that make us different so don't let your eyes fool you. This has made me realize that we all come into this world with nothing. It is what we do with things we learn along the way that will determine how we leave this world. I want to act in such a manner that when I am gone I will be remembered for my kind acts towards others. How do you want to be remembered? We can choose to focus on the things that don't go as we expect or take these experiences and learn from them. I had a lot of challenges while writing this blog. My computer was freezing up a lot on me. I was getting the message "kill Bill". I had written some information and changed screens. When I came back the text was gone. I spent the next hour trying to find it. My husband suggested that I google the problem which I did. I tried doing what was suggested. I finally decided that I just needed to start over again. As I write this blog it has morphed into an article about light and darkness which exists in the world on a daily basis. Some parts of the earth have light while the rest of the earth is in darkness and then as the sun moves around the earth's orbit and rises that part of the earth is in light and the other half in darkness. We can all bring light back  into our lives by loving life and rejecting the darkness. When love is in our life our energy is different. Things look brighter to us than when we are in despair and darkness. I have had periods in my life when it is dark. I feel hopeless and cannot see how things will change but they always do. The dawn often gives me a new perspective. Snapshot_20121127_7 (2)Robert and Bethany Jobb "The Best Is Yet To Come!" MTTBbannerad-300x250-blink